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Cooperative Support Services successfully held its 2nd Annual ICT Masterclass for cooperative leaders and managers in Nigeria at Ikeja, Lagos State

It was real fun and educative moment for cooperative leaders and managers who participated at the 2nd Annual ICT Masterclass where we have professionals and educationists speak to participants.

The event which was held on the 1st of March, 2018 at the Rain International office, Ikeja Lagos was adjudged one of the best training workshop attended by participants started around 9am with participants registration and their souvenirs and workshop materials collected ready to learn a new digital skills.

The Masterclass kick started with a welcome address said by the Principal Consultant/CEO of Cooperative Support Services where he stated the need for cooperative leaders and managers to upgrade their ICT skills to meet up with their counterpart across the globe as the world had become a global village through the use of digitals.

Participants were satisfied at the end of the Masterclass as they collected their certificate of participation