Our Product and Services


The Cooperative Business Management and Consultancy Services we offer include;

  • Coop Promotion, Organization and Development
  • Coop Management and Administrative Support
  • Coop Education, Training and Information
  • Coop Management and Accounting Software
  • Coop Website Designs, Development & Maintainace
  • Coop Personnel Development and Management
  • Coop Annual Account & Statistical Returns
  • Coop Audit and Inspection Check
  • Coop Student/Staff Character & Background Checks.
  • Coop Student/Staff Certificate & Guarantor Verification
  • Coop Finance and Investments
  • Coop Statistical Data,, Research & Development Services
  • Coop Travels and Study Tours Services
  • Coop Agricultural Marketing and Supplies
  • Coop Branding, Online Social media marketing, Liaising Services