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The Cooperative National Hygiene Initiative is a Health-Focused CSR project aimed at creating awareness, educating and encouraging Students across the Country to inculcate hygienic practices in their daily lives, especially in these 3 key areas of Oral, Body and Menstrual Hygiene Management.


We have chosen the 3 key Oral, Body & Menstrual Hygiene areas, In tandem with the global Cooperative Principles of Concern for communities and the Ethical Values of Caring for Others, in order to further attain our nation’s goal, and contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals on Hygiene, Good Health and Well Being.


CoopSupport & CRASoN came up with this National CSR Project for the Coop Sector, with a main goal of reaching out to Students, the Less-privileged and Vulnerables in the Society by helping to promote and create awareness about Good Health and Well-being through maintaining Healthy living via Oral Hygiene, Body Hygiene for everyone including Menstrual Hygiene Management for girls and women.


The Primary Targeted Beneficiaries for the CSR Initiative are Students in Secondary and Tertiary Institutions across Nigeria and on the secondary level, reach out to other identified vulnerable groups for which emphasis on hygiene is paramount.

The Coop National Hygiene Initiative with its ambitious plan intends to reach out to over 10million individuals within the next decade, and it will be implemented on a quarterly basis every year starting from this year 2022.

Account Number


Account Name:

Coop National Hygiene Initiative

Banker Name

Fidelity Bank Plc

Solicited Funds shall be paid into the above Account.

We shall give detailed reports on the funds raised and the utilization as well as distribution of relevant items across the country in accordance with the objective of the CSR Initiative every quarter after each outreach program for proper transparency & accountability.


1. January 2022: – Online Launch of the CSR Project & Opening of Dedicated Bank Account – ✔️Achieved

2. January – March 2022:– Begin a Social Media Campaign and Reach out to Stakeholders particularly in the cooperative community for Support and Solidarity towards the Project’s success.

3. By March Ending — Implementation of the First Quarter 2022 Outreach Programme to all identified Target Beneficiaries

4. April 2022; – The CSR Project Evaluation & Reviews to know what worked well and what didn’t, in order to re-strategize on the plans for the future Outreaches.

5. Consistency, Determination and Focus to achieve the 2022 National CSR Project Quarterly Outreaches designed to hold in March, June, September, and December of each year respectively across the Nation.


Cooperative Societies donating to this cause may refer to such donations as part of the societies’ CSR involvements in their respective Annual Reports & Accounts.

For the avoidance of doubt, participation is voluntary and donations are expected from Cooperative Societies, individual cooperators, and the general public. Each Donation will be highly appreciated.

Finally, kindly note that no amount is too small to be part of this noble cause as we reach out to you on a quarterly basis for financial assistance towards achieving the set targets each year.

Thank you for your anticipated donations and supports of the project.

For: Coop National Hygiene Initiative

Victor Oyegoke
Project Coordinator