COOPERATIVE BUSINESS MODEL: The Basic Elements You Need to Know. It features eight (8) expository packed chapters and comes with a range of knowledge and resources

Our Professional Support Services

We are committed to make available a wide range of professional support services to cooperative organizations through motivated professionals, innovative and qualitative service delivery while showing concern for the community.

Our Rounded Experience

We will combine the skills of our specialists in our various service lines to deliver an effective Cooperative Support Service.The varied experience that we will bring includes: Industry/Sector Experience,Technical Expertise, Presence and Alliances Read More

Working With Excellent Consultant Cooperative Support Services

1. Get Experience Advice

Send Me a question and get free advice
direct from Coop Consultant.

2. Message Reviewing

We will reply you via email or phone number provided or by appointment

3. Fixing Appointment

We will fix appointment if necessary to analyse and get to the root

The 4th Annual Digital Masterclass for Cooperative Leaders, Regulators & Managers in Nigeria

The 3th Annual ICT Masterclass for Cooperative Leaders, Regulators & Managers in Nigeria