INTRODUCTION: Cooperative Support Services Ltd (CoopSupport)

We are pleased to introduce to you, Cooperative Support Services Ltd – CoopSupport – a management and support service organization for cooperatives. It is a fully fledged cooperative value based management and support services firm incorporated to provide solely cooperative services to organizations. This intro therefore is to acquaint you with our services with an expectation that it will provide an opportunity for us to explore and deepen areas of mutual benefits.


We are experts in Cooperative Promotion, Organization & Development, and the followings as it relates to it; Cooperatives Management & Administrative Support, Education, Training & Information, Management & Accounting Software, Website Designs, Development & Maintenance, Personnel Development & Management, Annual Account & Statistical Returns, Audit & Inspection Check, Student/Staff Character & Background Checks, Student/Staff Certificate & Guarantor Verification, Finance & Investments, Statistical Data,, Research & Development Services, Travels & Tours Services, Marketing and Supplies, any other Cooperative Consultancy & Liaising Services

We thank you for the opportunity to render service to you; as we look forward to adding you to our growing list of satisfied clients.

Yours faithfully

For: Cooperative Support Services Ltd

Victor Oyegoke
Principal Consultant