Historical Background

Cooperative Support Services Limited (CoopSupport) is an independent and autonomous cooperative organization established and officially registered in 2010 to carter for the huge gap in cooperative promotion, development and sustainability in Nigeria.

It is registered with the government regulatory body in Nasarawa State as a Cooperative Multipurpose Society which all members are professionals in diverse areas/sectors of the economy with a sole aim of providing support services for cooperative organization (both Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations) and in some cases the private sector where we advise on cooperative matters.

We discovered in our research study made in 2010 that a lot of cooperative societies and organizations do not use the services of professionals which results to a lot of loss in their organizations’ resources which ordinarily they would have save those cost if they are aware of any firm that could handle those services very well on a professional level thus the birth of Cooperative Support Services (CoopSupport), the first of its kind in Nigeria –  a fully fledged Cooperative Value Based Management and Support Services firm incorporated to provide solely cooperative services to organizations that requires it and help to compliment the work of the government cooperative department given the legal and statutory roles in cooperative development in Nigeria.

Also, our Presidents’ private firm Global Outsourcing Services Limited (GOS)  a leading and most preferred HR consultancy and outsourcing service provider in Nigeria, discovered during their service providing experience overtime that the Cooperative Sub-sector of the economy is wide and a  specialized area that needed a unique service provider to meet all the need in that segment thus his acceptance to lead the initiative of bringing professionals together to form a full fledged cooperative management support service provider organization that is coop value based.

Today, we all know that government at various levels recognizes cooperative as a veritable tool for economic, socio-cultural and political transformation of both the rural and urban settings of our nation. This has led to various assistance and development grants and aids from the various government in support and promotion of the cooperative movement in Nigeria overtime but, because of its multi-dimensional problems arising from lack of professional expertise and management capabilities in the leadership of various cooperative societies the cooperative movement has not been able to achieve more in spite of the tremendous support being given to it. Others such as negative Political, Economic, Social, Technological evolutions and Environmental (PEST-E) factors are responsible for the present predicament of the cooperative sector.

We do believe that the emergence of CoopSupport to proffer solutions and bring about the positive and lasting change to these situation wherein the Cooperative Movement founds itself will be beneficial to them and various governments at all levels in Nigeria through our Cooperative Business Management and Consultancy Services because we remain the only private organization that is wholly dedicated to cooperative development and sustainability in Nigeria.