Month: August 2020


Principal Consultant/CEO of Cooperative Support Services (CoopSupport)Announces the Release of a Business Book titled – COOPERATIVE BUSINESS MODEL: The Basic Elements You Need to Know

CoopSupport launches a new business book virtually on Sunday 16th August 2020, called COOPERATIVE BUSINESS MODEL: The Basic Elements You Need to Know, written by Victor Oyegoke. It features eight (8)expository packed chapters and comes with a range of knowledge and resources that can help entrepreneurs,business consultants, a would-be Cooperative member or existing members, leaders, managers or a part of the regulatory officials or the policy-makers to know more about Cooperative Business Enterprises and seize the amazing opportunities associated with the alternative business model in socio-economic development of any Nation.

Read more about the book: highlighting the origin of modern cooperatives as practiced by the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers who had benefited immensely from the philosophy of Robert Owen’s Owenism and the practical teachings of Dr. William King. The history of Financial Cooperative as started by Raiffeisen and Schulze-Delitzsch down to our own local contributions through agricultural cooperatives cum thrift savings among salary earners.

This book is practical, highly-educational and inspiring. One Chapter in the book with very interesting read that delved into what the regulators do is Chapter Four (4)Understanding Cooperative Fieldwork, in order for Cooperative Members, Leaders and Managers to understand and appreciate the multifarious nature and extent of the duties carried out by the Regulators; explaining briefly the legal roles of the Director of Cooperative Services being the Chief Regulator in a state with his duties in Cooperative Promotion, Education, Registration, Inspection, Audit, and Advisory services. The author touched on Cooperative Arbitration, Inquiry and liquidation; while looking into the vexing issue of loan administration among thrift and credit societies he highlights steps to be taken in setting up cooperative societies in Nigeria.

The book will be available for purchase on Amazon, CoopSupport website and at all major Cooperative Area Offices in Nigeria.

In a recent interview, Mr. Oyegoke stated, “This Book – Cooperative Business Model: The Basic Elements You Need to Know is an expository work and repository of Co-ops knowledge with a vivid mission to assist and complement the work of the cooperative regulators and the movements in Nigeria by educating, training and informing their cooperators. Above all, propagating the gospel of cooperation through the book creating awareness and promoting this alternative business model among the public masses in order to spur more interests in joining Cooperatives or at forming one, more so, at managing it well successfully and sustainably”

This is the second book authored by Victor Oyegoke, but there is so much excitement about this launch, maybe because the author presents more practical insights into the alternative form of business model or is it because it’s the first of the kind Virtual Book Launch within the Cooperative Sector of Nigeria.

The previous book by Victor Cooperation: The Path way to Success shares some strategic ways of Cooperating On-to Outstanding Prosperity that guarantees a sure path to wealth and success in life, in relation to being creative, innovative, informed, connected and becoming a successful cooperator. It’s a life changing and explosive piece of work that would make anyone discover their purpose and become great in life.The first book has been highly ranked by critics.

Full details about how to purchase the book and get delivery at your doorstep can be found on our website at: